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What role do Facebook Ads play for Local Business?

Are you interested in learning how to optimize Facebook advertisements but unsure where to begin?

You’re probably wondering who would use Facebook anymore in 2021. Because Instagram, Snapchat, as well as other social media platforms are widely used and gaining in popularity. You are mistaken!

In 2019, Facebook earned 98.5 percent of its income from advertising. Someone is currently clicking out there. It is a social networking platform that enables you to boost your ROI continuously. Paid advertisements and social media marketing have mostly dominated the advertising landscape during the previous decade. And the perfect place for promoting your business online is Facebook, which stands out with 2.6 billion monthly active users. Without investing a lot of money, your business may get a lot of traffic and earnings using Facebook marketing.


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Paid Facebook advertising can be pretty beneficial to your lead generation plan since they allow you to communicate directly with your consumers. If you’re starting, Facebook marketing advertising is a blessing for your business. Additionally, Facebook-bought advertisements are not that expensive and may fit within your limited budget.

Facebook ads can be one of the most effective tools for expanding your business. However, if not put up properly, these advertisements can cost more than they are worth. That is because Facebook advertising is highly competitive. Once the platform’s “newness” wears off, you’ll be competing against organizations with enormous budgets and dedicated teams committed to running, tracking, and optimizing their ads. Therefore, how do you optimize Facebook advertisements without depleting your time, energy, and resources? That is precisely the question we will address today. But before we get into our Facebook ad optimization ideas, let’s discuss why your advertisements are probably not doing well at the moment.

Why Aren’t Your Facebook Ads Working?

Most people believe that Facebook advertising works similarly to other forms of advertising: you have a product or service, create an advertisement, and get sales. However, this is not how Facebook advertisements work. Facebook is, first and foremost, a social network. That is, users are not often drawn to the site in search of adverts. They might utilize Facebook Marketplace to conduct a product search. This typically results in three types of issues with your Facebook ads:

  • You are unclear about your target audience.
  • Facebook is still developing its insight into your target clients.
  • Your ads are not engaging enough to stand out.
  • You require the services of a professional SEO agency.

How SEO Agencies Use Facebook Ads at the Top of the Funnel to Educate Your Audience

At the top of the funnel, level one of this Facebook ad strategy focuses on education, audience building, and interaction. It’s one of the most critical components of your advertising plan, but it’s sometimes disregarded. If your business operates in a local market, you’ll want to focus on residents rather than the entire world. At ROCKET SEO, we understand that there is a finite number of people you can serve. While some of those individuals will be seeking a business similar to yours, the majority will not. In any given market, around 3% of the population is willing to purchase what you have. However, there is typically another 15% of the market that requires what you have and is willing to buy from you but is unaware or unable to act.

The majority of business owners concentrate on the 3% of customers who are ready to buy. However, the remaining 15% is crucial to your organization. They are frequently not enthusiastic, engaged, or nurtured on a long-term basis. We focus our Facebook ad campaigns on teaching your audience—not just about your industry, products/services, or business, but also about topics relevant to your business.


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When your advertisements aren’t doing as well as you’d want, it’s usually for one of the four reasons outlined above. Therefore, today, we will ensure that you avoid those issues by providing Facebook ad optimization recommendations. Let’s get started.

Identify the Right Audience

Facebook advertising is the ideal option because it allows you to target a specific audience. And as a result, it is worthwhile to invest in Facebook advertising. You can segment your audience depending on their recent behavior, such as engagement. Facebook has simplified the process of advertising for its users.

With mind-blowing Facebook ad targeting, you can discover who is contacting your business and engaging with your advertising. Facebook ads management allows you to target not only your existing audience but also a similar audience with similar interests, demographics, and categories. While you should target your audience depending on their age, you should also consider their hobbies, likes, and changes on their timeline.

Developing Efficient Retargeting Ads

If you use LeadJoint to produce new SEO leads, you’re likely to have sent several cold emails with a proposal to hot SEO leads. Typically, these leads will visit your website and then leave. This is also true for traffic generated by your search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media marketing activities. Retargeting is a cost-effective strategy for reinforcing your offer to website visitors via follow-up Facebook advertising.

This is the proper procedure.

Step 1: Create unique URLs for each target source

Assume your primary source of website traffic is your cold emails to Lead Joint leads and guest posts on SEO blogs. Create distinct landing page URLs for visitors coming from these various sources. For example, when introducing your website in a cold email, provide a UTM parameter specifying email as the source. Similarly, if you write for SearchEngineJournal, provide a UTM parameter in your by-line that states this. In this manner, you can quickly determine the origins of your visitors.

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Step 2: Include the conversion pixel.

When you create a new Facebook ad, you have the option of including a conversion pixel. This is a tracking script that you place on your website that assists Facebook in categorizing these visitors and adding them to a custom audience profile (if you have one). This is another necessary condition for retargeting.

Step 3: Construct a customized audience.

After creating custom URLs for each unique source of traffic you wish to target, it’s time to create custom audiences on Facebook. This is a necessary condition for Facebook retargeting to work. When you select to create a new ad on Facebook, a field labeled ‘Custom Audience’ will appear. Click ‘Create New Custom Audience’ in this section.

Step 4: Assign distinct audiences to each source

Retargeting a lead, you contacted via cold email will be different than retargeting a visitor who got to your website via a blog post. Create distinct audience profiles for each of these various sources in the Custom audience window. This should be possible by giving the UTM parameter for the traffic sources in question.

Step 5: Create customized retargeting advertisements for each audience

Once you’ve established a bespoke audience, build advertising that is tailored to these individual buyers. For instance, you could develop an advertisement to accompany your email proposition. On the other hand, if you want to reach a direct visitor, you can advertise your “self-help auditing tool.” This way, you can continue to communicate with your website visitors to increase conversions.


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Step 6: Engage the Services of an SEO Agency

Yes. The items stated above are somewhat technical, and you will not want to attempt them on your own. That is why SEO firms exist!

SEO agencies assist you in optimizing your business to increase sales. They contribute far more to your business’s growth than the items stated above. We recommend hiring Rocket SEO to handle the technical aspects of your campaign. At the same time, you sit back and watch your sales graphs skyrocket.


The excellent outcomes of Facebook advertisements are the primary reason why large businesses rely on social media to promote their business. Hopefully, we could provide you with some helpful information that will help you ace your Facebook advertising game. We at Rocket SEO can assist you in creating engaging and high-converting Facebook advertising. Our social media experts will analyze your audience, their preferences, and dislikes. Following comprehensive research, we will develop an effective campaign to gain publicity and, most importantly, sell.



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