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How to Update your Existing Content According to the Helpful Content Update?

Being a content writer is very intimidating as content is produced every minute. So, keeping that pace while maintaining originality and google ranking can be challenging. Content strategists are finding new ways to improve the content market without putting too much effort or time. Updating your existing content is one such tactic that currently has changed the writing game.  

Now content writers are updating and revisiting their old content to refresh it according to current updates. Through this article, you will have a complete guide on how to update your existing content concerning new content updates. And further, learn about why updating your old content is essential in the current time. 


Google Helpful Content Update

google helpful content update illustration

Google’s helpful content update seeks to assist users in discovering more valuable content during Google searches. This update aims to improve the experience for both users and content authors, as Google seeks to reward high-quality information created by humans with the intention of assisting people. This algorithm upgrade intends to target “material that appears to have minimal value, low-added value, or is not very useful to searchers.” But don’t worry, Rocket SEO has you covered.


What is the Purpose of Updating Your Existing Content?

Old Content Udate for SEO Ranking

It is very much possible that you are missing many opportunities if you are not updating your old content. Regarding content marketing strategy, people assume you must conduct new keyword research and write new blogs regularly. But what about the content you created months ago with proper research and effort?  

The concept of updating your existing content is the new tactic that writers are taking up. This tactic can polish their content to achieve SEO optimization and high google rankings. There are numerous other reasons why you should update your existing content. Following are some of the reasons that will enlighten you on the purpose of updating your old content:  

  • Updating your old content enables you to achieve more by doing less. Because you have already written the content, now all you have to do is to update and optimize it. You do not have to go through all the struggles of finding the topic, targeting keywords, doing the research, and writing the article.  
  • When you update your content, you give it a refreshing touch, making it come as new and fresh content. And Google has a favorable attitude towards new and fresh content, particularly SEO-optimized content.  
  • Your content does have an expiration date irrespective of insights or statistics, so by updating your old content, you will be able to maintain your content life cycle with much improvement.  
  • Updating your old blog post gives you the best opportunity to add new keywords. Keywords are the backbone of SEO strategy and google ranking. So, take the chance to include new and additional keywords to score multiple keyword rankings.  


Best Ways to Update Your Existing Content According to the Helpful Content Update

Once you have determined to update your existing content. Then you need to know how to update old content with a plan that has the potential to drive more engagement and ranks. The following ways to update your existing content according to the helpful content update which ensure that you are revising them in alignment with your SEO goals: 

  • The content roadmap

You should check that your content plan is flexible enough to accommodate this new group of tasks and updates. It is essential to handle this task strategically and not just to refresh for the sake of it.  

That is why you should schedule when and how you will refresh your content and plan out the new content you want to create in sync with the latest updates. This content roadmap will help you plan everything ahead of time, making your work more efficient and consistent.  

  • Keyword update

Revise your keyword list, which includes long-tail keywords and distance keywords. And then strategize new keywords to update the content to reflect the changes and add-ons. You should optimize your content with new target primary and secondary keywords if your content is old.  

  • Metadata exploration

Previously, metadata was not a significant factor in making content. However, now metadata is crucial for your content rankings and engagement. So, update your page title and meta description in alignment with your targeted keyword. Make sure your title is about 56 characters and your meta description about 156 because that are the google limits for metadata. 

  • Content headings and media

Headings play an essential role in giving structure to your content. The best way to update the headings is by formatting them as H2 and H3. Add keywords into the headings if they fit ideally in them. Also, reviewing your content headings, check the media files. Ensure that the tags and alt text are descriptive and take the chance to use keywords in them also.  

  • Rewrite information

Update the information and facts present in the content. In this way, your content will stay up-to-date and relatable. Every day, new studies and discoveries are being made, so your content must contain the latest information, not the old one. It will help you in google ranking, and the audience will find the content helpful.  

  • Update the format

The new web content is well-structured, organized, and engaging. So, improve the aesthetics of the content, and add bullets, headings, and listicles as readers want visuals and an engaging experience. More overly, it is highly recommended to add images, videos, and social networking buttons.  

  • Make it mobile-friendly

Studies have shown that most viewers excess content from their mobiles than laptops or PC. Google also bases all web rankings according to how well the content performs on mobile. So, ensure that the images are correctly sized, social buttons are big enough to tap, and content is in digestible paragraphs.


The Benefit of Updating Your Old Content

Revising your existing content is a smart move to reevaluate yourself on the google ranks. You have the opportunity to secure more traffic without investing in new content and new hurdles. There are plenty of benefits of updating your old content, which gives the right motivation to do it as soon as possible. Here are the most prominent benefits of updating and republishing content:  

  • Establish a solid content base

The best type of blogs are the ones that tackle a timeless topic. They always deal with a niche that always remains in trend, and people have to return for it repeatedly. So, updating your existing content enables you to keep up with the new trends, new updates, new tools, and new hacks while having a solid base of content. However, it is essential to update post to stay relevant and relatable.  

  • It gives a high SEO ranking.

SEO is the most crucial factor of content today. If your blog content is not SEO-approved, then you will not be able to get any traffic or google ranking. By updating your content, you can revise your content according to SEO updates, increasing your engagement. Google then will point you as the authority on the topic because it is relevant and accurate. Your blog will get higher google rankings and more viewer traffic.

  • Save money and time

The most beneficial thing about content refresh is it saves a lot of your money and time. Because you already have done the research work and have everything in writing. Now you are only revisiting that content to refresh and rewrite it. You are not starting from scratch, you are not making multiple drafts, and you are not doing any beginner steps. In this way, you spend less time, effort, and money to gain more profit.  

  • Strategize new audience

By updating your content, you can repackage it into new forms that will make it more adjustable for different platforms and different audiences. No one finds out about specific content only in one way. So, by redoing your existing content, you will be able to reach a new audience, and the audience will be able to get new content.  

  • Grow your brand

With time, when you have created sustainable and reliable content. The audience will get sure of this thing that you are a good brand and trustworthy. This will enrich and grow your brand by presenting your current brand identity and expertise in the chosen topic. Updating your content and making it better titles you as an authority will automatically make your content a standard.

Google’s update will significantly alter how content is sorted and ranked. These modifications are intended to make it simpler and faster for users to find the most important and valuable content. With these modifications, everyone should discover search more beneficial and effective. Contact Rocket SEO, and we will resolve all of your issues if you have problems comprehending and applying these modifications.


The Final Takeaway

Content Update for SEO

If you want to seek a way to improve your content and blog traffic, updating your existing content is the most efficient and cost-effective method ever. Nowadays, it is essential to maintain good SEO health and polish your content as much as possible. So, it can get higher google rankings, and more people can approach it. 

Before updating your content, you must evaluate and know why you are doing this. Then, with the right plan, you must follow the steps one by one to achieve the best upgrade according to the new content update.  


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