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11 Best PPC Optimization Tips To Follow

We are all familiar with the concept of PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising. However, it’s important to remember that there are still a few tricks in the bag when it comes to PPC optimization.

PPC is the pay-per-click marketing strategy that helps online businesses to thrive and get a grip on what they are doing. PPC marketing is one of the proven and efficient ways of digital advertising and management. The most consistent thing about online marketing is that it keeps on changing and evolving so you have to refine and upgrade your data as much as possible.

PPC Optimization Strategies

PPC optimization is the procedure to analyze the current PPC campaign in order to improve and enhance its reach by making upgrades to the settings, guidelines, keywords, and group structures to yield the best results. There is always a gap for improvement when it comes to marketing strategies as you cannot get what the audience likes and wants in one go.

In this article, we’ll look at the 11 most important PPC tips to help you get the most bang for your buck.

11 Best PPC Optimization Tips To Improve your PPC Campaigns

Digital marketing is a very innovative job to pursue as it involves both art and science. There are particular guidelines, steps, and processes that are a part of PPC but without the edge of creativity, your strategy will not get to the top most likely. The best components for a great PPC strategy are experimentation, and optimization to create a durable and profitable plan.

 Infographic of PPC Optimization Tips


In today’s time, google is changing its algorithm, and behaviors on a minute basis. That is why you have to keep on optimizing your strategies to get one step further than anyone else.

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Here are the top 11 advanced PPC optimization strategies that will help you improve your PPC campaigns.

1. Remarketing of your plan

Most of the people who visit the website for the first time, do not complete a purchase. But that does not mean that you are wasting your money, all you need is to boost your strategy a little bit. You can pair up your PPC plan with remarketing campaigns for optimization.

This process utilizes the ads to re-engage the potential audience who have visited the website or clicked on the ad once. When you place the ad in front of the site it indicates a reminder for the audience to click on it. There are potential ways to create such ad groups to target the prospect that you want to pursue.

2. Perform keyword research

There is no one-size fits all keyword strategy. Every single campaign must be different and unique to provide a different performance. The keywords you use have an impact on your conversions and should be chosen carefully. It’s important to understand what your ideal customer is searching for so you can properly research the search terms and phrases they are using.

There are many tools available that you can use for this step, such as Google’s free Adwords tool and as well as Ahrefs and SEMrush.

3. Utilize negative keywords

Negative keywords are used by advertisers to prevent irrelevant ad clicks. It can help you to filter out the search term which is irrelevant for your PPC campaign.

Using negative keywords can save you a lot of money as it will reduce your ad spend and give you higher ROI. This allows the advertisers to eliminate specific search term from the ad campaign to focus on search terms that are profitable for the business.blank

For example, if there are 120 locations available for SEO Services in the US, but Miami is not one of those, you will add SEO services in Miami as a negative keyword because it will ensure that ads stay relevant to the locations that come under the provided service.

4. Use demographic targeting

Demographic targeting allows advertisers to specify different types of customers based on their age, gender, location, etc. The benefit is that you are able to improve your conversion rate and target audiences that are more likely to purchase products and services you offer. You will be able to increase the click-through rates, but also reduce the cost per acquisition (CPA) since there will be less clicks that are unnecessary.

5. Do website optimization

Even with a potential PPC ads optimization, your marketing outcomes can still fall short if you do not have an optimized website. When it comes to google ranking, SEO optimization is the most important attribute of a website. The recent update from google includes several vitals that play a major role in optimizing a site. The vitals include loading performance under 2.5 seconds, visual stability, and interactivity of a visitor, and website responding should be under milliseconds.

The vitals for google ranking makes sure to upgrade user experience as much as possible. Focusing on them will not just raise SEO optimization for you but also help your PPC ads clickers to convert as much as possible.

If your website is not optimized, the audience will not be able to reach your page. So, the PPC strategy will fail if there will be no potential visitors to click on the ads.

6. Google ads recommendations

It is always better to take a little bit of help from another source as it will allow you to create a progressive digital marketing strategy. Few people do utilize the recommendation tab which displays in the google ad where you can get potential optimization tips that are best for your campaign.


In the recommendation tab, there will be a machine learning algorithm that will give your optimization score. The machine produces a score about how successful your campaign is optimized for online performance. Then the tab will give you several recommendations to act on the ones that you find relevant to increase your optimization score.

7. Conversion tracking

Conversions are a helpful tool that determines what is working for a business marketing campaign and what is not. It allows you to find out what is going wrong in your strategy that is the cause of your loss or less profit. So, you must take some time to ensure your conversion tracking is set up properly. Having well-managed conversion tracking will allow you to make data-informed decisions based on exact calculated numbers.

You can use a different tool such as google tag manager to set up your conversion tracking. If you have similar goals for multiple channels, it will streamline your conversion setup. You also have the advantage to configure google ads conversion tags directly into your conversion tracking tool such as google tag manager.

8. View competitor’s strategies

Researching your competitors’ strategies is one of the oldest tricks when it comes to marketing. Taking an overview, allows you to find out what are your competitors doing and use that to optimize your strategy. There is no need to build new plans to check your competitor’s page, as there are plenty of apps that will help you with that. The tools will allow you to see the copy, landing pages, and images of the competitor’s ad campaigns.

In this way, you will be able to study that if a competitor’s ads are going well almost always, then what is the reason behind it? Knowing that will help you to optimize your PPC campaign in a different yet effective manner.

9. Website Speed on Mobiles

Through different studies and surveys, it has been concluded that 70% of people use their phones to visit a website than their laptops. So, you need to optimize your website for mobile phones and laptops. You must compress images, minify your liquid code, or trim down the total number of scripts. If your website takes longer time than 3 seconds, it is most likely that the visitor will move to another site.

Increase your mobile site speed as much as possible, as it will cause a lift in the traffic for your blog. More traffic means higher chances of making a sale as customers will keep navigating your website.

10. The click-through-rate

Optimizing your click-through rate is the best way to improve your google ads performance. There are a couple of ways through which you can increase the CTR such as promotion extensions, exclusive deals, and discounts visible on the website. It has been observed that customers will click on your ads if they know that you are having a promotion or discount on your brand.

Highlight the sales and exclusive offers as much as possible on your ads block. This will allow the customers to know much more about your advertisements while increasing the chances that will click on them. The elevation in CTR for visitors to your page will result in high revenue and more traffic.

11. Create localized landing pages

Create landing pages that are specific to a country or area in which you have a strong presence. These landing pages will be used to showcase deals or promos that are being offered in that area. The landing pages should also be optimized to give the best experience possible to the user.

By creating multiple landing pages for different locations, you are able to reach out to new customers and capture them at their desired time.


We Can Help You With PPC Optimization

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The Final Takeaway

Optimization and reevaluating your website once in a few days or months is a compulsory thing. Google has become very active as well as intellectual when it comes to ranking and data analysis nowadays. That is why you have to make little changes here and there to get the best results possible. PPC optimization is a huge part when it comes to online business or branding. It is an ongoing process because there will be new guidelines and strategies that you have to match up with.

There are several new options, updates, and campaigns every year it is impossible to thrive without analyzing and optimizing regularly. The successful foundation of a PPC campaign is clear, and consistent, following what they offer and targeting the right audience. Utilize the tips that are listed in the above article to maximize your PPC marketing and optimization through this year and beyond to get effective results.

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