Waze VS Google Maps: Which App Is The Best For You?

  Waze and Google Maps are two of the best navigation apps. They have helped millions of drivers all around the world to get the right directions and go to their destinations. In this article, you will discover some differences between these popular apps.


Waze VS Google Maps: An Introduction

Waze and Google Maps are two navigation apps that are owned by Google and work for iPhones and Androids. Both of them are well-known navigation apps, even if it is a niche with many competitors from different countries.


Google Maps is estimated that there are 130 million more users than Waze in the USA alone. Google created this app in 2005. Google Maps provide quality directions for driving, public transportation, biking, and walking.


Waze is a navigation app with directions only for driving. So, it has a smaller audience to target. It was founded in 2008, and Google bought Waze in 2013 for 1.1 billion dollars. Waze uses community-driven information about road conditions from the users. 


Users of Waze share real-time data about speed limits, accidents, weather, traffic, and anything that could affect your driving experience. Also, the app has a simple and modern interface compared to Google Maps and other competitors.


Differences Between Google Maps and Waze 

The goal of every user is to get the right directions. However, some differences will affect your experience with these two apps. 

1. Google Maps is data-based and uses the database of Google. Waze depends on the users to get the right information, so it’s a community-based app.

2. Waze is only for car drivers. Google maps have more features that help everyone to get the direction they want. You can use it when you walk, bike, and use transportations. You can also find events, points of interest, reviews, and it has a street mode to see things on the street directly.

3. Google Maps can work offline, but Waze requires an internet connection.

4. Google Maps includes business data from other services of Google. You can get contact details, hours, and menus. Waze does not include a similar feature.

5. Waze shows real-time info like accidents, traffic alerts, and traffic conditions. Google Maps offer less real-time information.

6. Google Maps is a simple app. Waze offers more options for customization.

Overall, Google Maps is an app with a lot of data that finds pleasant routes and gives you details about different businesses and places. On the other hand, Waze gives you more real-time data to find the best options, but it is focused only on drivers.



Waze has a more modern and minimalistic interface, while Google Maps has a dated interface. The two apps have a different approach, but both of them can help you to get the right directions.


When you use Waze, the app changes location, shift, and rotate when you change directions. Also, there are pins with alerts and notes about the road. Google is more user-friendly and has fewer distractions. It changes the direction and moves only when necessary. So, if you want to focus on your direction, Google Maps is more helpful.


Real-Time Data

Waze is the winner of this category. While Google Maps have added some features to get real-time data, Waze has the advantage. Waze users can send information about traffic problems and road closures. So, you know if there are any problems in your direction. If you use Google Maps, it’s possible not to notice some of these issues on time. Real-time data is very helpful in big cities that you can find many road closures and delays.


Map Features

Both Waze and Google Maps include all the important information that you need on the map. However, there are extra details like gas stations, businesses, and places that are mentioned. In these details, Google Maps has an advantage because it has more available data.


Waze will give you more information about the road. For example, it will include all the gas stations or anything that can help your direction. Google Maps include businesses, restaurants, hotels, and other possible destinations. Also, it uses information from Google My Business that include images and reviews.


Ease Of Route

The best direction depends on the algorithms of each app, and they make different choices. Waze tries to figure out the fastest route. However, the fastest is not always the most comfortable. There are complaints from users about unnecessary turns and freeway exits.


Google Maps algorithm focuses on finding a pleasant route for your destination. You may sacrifice some minutes, but it will not waste so much time. For Google Maps, time is just another factor and not the only factor. So, Google Maps will give the best route most of the time.


Custom Options

Both apps allow you to customize features and find the best options for you. You can exclude freeways, connect to Spotify, and change the voice of the app.


Waze has some extra customization options. It allows you to connect with other audio apps and add a celebrity voice. When it comes to the route options, you can figure out the gas station with the best price around you based on the type of your car.


Data Usage

Waze requires 0.5MB per hour of driving. So, if you drive one hour per day, it needs 15MB per month. You can do the maths for your own needs. Also, it needs internet access constantly to collect the data.


Google Maps can work offline. Once you have internet access, it can download maps and data for any planned trip. Then, it can use this data while driving. Overall, Google Maps needs much fewer data than Waze.



Google Maps gives you more information, can work offline, and finds the more pleasant route based on a number of factors. Waze finds the fastest route even if it is not pleasant, has a modern interface, and real-time data. The best option for you depends on what you want. People who want to avoid road closures, they need Waze. However, if you plan a road trip, Google Maps sounds a better option.


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