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Veterinary Practice

New Site, SEO , PPC

Project Detail

The client contacted us after having issues with their old site and their patients not sticking around their site for long.

Although they had information available to their patients on their site the client had concerns with the useability, speed and general layout and wanting to implement some SEO.

  • No real SEO performed on site
  • Patients found site hard to navigate
  • Not many new visitors
  • Speed issues
  • No monitoring of site was ever performed

What We Corrected

With this particular client e realized their site was built on a platform that was not optimal. So we audited their site as we do with all of our clients. After discussing all the issues we found on their site with the client they decided they wanted us to just build their site from the ground up and create a local SEO campaign for them so they could start getting new patients.

The Client already had great content so our team went to work designing a site for them that was functional, fast and good looking. We made one where their patients could book appointments online and chat with a vet tech if they had any questions.

Since they already had content we had their new site up and runnning in 3 days. Client approved the design quickly which made the process very fast.

Then we began the procss of implementing an SEO strategy. Things didn’t happen right away , but the client was in it for the long run and trusted in our team. A little after the 2 month mark the client started to see their patience pay off. We are happy to see this client be able to grow their practice at a steady pace.

We are also glad the client was able to approve teh site design so quickly, which allowed us to begin SEO without any delays.

We are a team of experts

Whether you need SEO , a new site, SMO, or PPC you can count on us to lend our expertise to your project. We love to see businesses like this succeed.

Get in touch and we can help your business succeed as well. It all starts with a free audit of your site. Just as it did for this business. We look forward to working with you as well.

Our practice has seen an increase in patient retention, and drop in patient acquisition costs since we started working with this agency. We are pleased with the direction we are headed.

Impressive Results

+61% Increase in Website Traffic

+32.3% Patient Retention

+44% Average Time on Site

+18% Appointments Booked Online