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Major Computer Supplier Case Study

Improve Site Performance, Local SEO, Aquire Relevant Backlinks

Project Detail

When this client first contacted us they had some decent online presence, but relative to their top 3 competitors there was room for improvement. The client’s main concern was improving their local presence, they wanted to increase organic rankings and traffic to their website in order to drive more sales. At the time they had 17 keywords ranking on the first page of major search engines such as Google.


  • Weak backlink profile
  • Low engagement
  • Site was not fully optimized
  • Load time was extremely high
  • Navigation issues on site
  •  Monitoring of site was not taking place on a consistent basis


What We Corrected

As with all clients our team started with an audit of the client’s site to see what we were working with. Once we had a baseline of what was previously done then we began creating a strategy to undo some of the unproductive tactics that were previously used.

We disavowed a lot of backlinks that were deemed to be toxic to the client’s site and began building high quality relevant backlinks for them. We then deconstructed their entire site from the ground up and created a site that was easy to navigate for their client’s and highly functional. The new site had a very fast load time and was 100% mobile friendly unlike the previous site they had when they first contacted us.

We created a large amount of highly relevant content for their site and implemented our full plan for off an on-page SEO. Client saw great improvement and got positive feedback from their customers over their new site. Client saw number of keywords improve greatly and we hope to see more improvement to come.



We are a team of experts

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We are partnered with many leading manufacturers and believe choosing the right people to work with is paramount to our success. Rocket SEO improved our visibility and has given us an edge in our marketspace.

Impressive Results

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1.00% CTR

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22% Less CPA

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303% ROI