Graduation Caps Thrown in the Air

Education Industry

5 Star Client

“Our social media had much to be desired. Social media is an integral part of our overall marketing and engagement was an issue. They really turned it around for us in a short period of time.” — Tammy


  • The main challenge here was to lower the cost per result for the client
  • The secondary challenged we faced was to increase organic engagement on clients social media accounts.

Reasons for low engagement were found to be several things.

  1. No consistency of posting on social media
  2. Lack of attractive Facebook posts
  3. No proper sharing of content
  4. No proper monitoring of Ad campaign
  5. No A/B testing for campaign

Results Achieved

After doing adetailed study of the clients page we shared images on a regular basis which created organic engagement, reach and likes. We shared a variety of images and videos.  The turnng point in increasing page likes and engagement was sharing interactive posts which helped connect their target audience to the page. Over a short period we saw a steady progress on page in terms of organic likes and engagement.