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Dental Practice

Improve SEO and CPC

Project Detail

This is an established dental office with locations in New York and New Jersey.

The client came to us with concerns over out of control spending with almost no conversions to show for it. They also had concerns over the management of their campaigns and the campaign structure that was not yielding them any results while their spending was sky high.

They had issues with poor ad copies and also improper campaign segmentation and almost non-existent optimization.



What We Corrected

  • We started off with an entire audit of their campaign and processes
  • Extensive Keyword Research was Performed
  • Created off and on-pag SEO strategy and implemented
  • Implemented geo-targeting to eliminate irrelevant locations and waste on PPC
  • Created professional ads and used A/B testing and fined tuned
  • Used bidding strategy to produce high click-through and conversion rates
  • Redesign site to better serve their patients and be more SEO friendly
  • Created Highly Relevant Content

We are a team of experts

We really enjoyed the opportunity to help this dental practice in the right direction.  They run a great dental practice and just needed to be up to date with their efforts online to match their practice that has the latest equipment and uses latest dental techniques.


We love helping businesses like this see their potential and to create goals for the future that we can help them achieve. We are an agency that is all about creating partnerships that take businesses to the next level and then a level after that. Our goal is to see your business grow and we can provide the experience and knowledge to get you there.

We have been able to attract new patients to our office and get a handle on the spending we had previously done. Rocket SEO has been great for us and plays a vital role in our recent successes.

Impressive Results

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63% Increase site traffic

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Start 26 Page 1 Rankings. After 3 months 53 Keywords on Page 1

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At the 12 month mark Ranking for 186 Keywords

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Cost Per Conversion Reduced From $364.41 to $39.43