Mailchimp is a big brand that offers email marketing services to over 20 million customers around the world. Sendinblue doesn’t have as many customers, but it is a growing email marketing tool that offers quality services.


Mailchimp vs. Sendinblue: An Overview

Mailchimp and Sendinblue attract both beginners and experienced marketers. However, their free plans are very attractive for people who want to create their first campaigns but haven’t enough subscribers.

Sendinblue is an alternative to Mailchimp because it has great pricing options that are important for marketers at a low budget. Many users that make complaints about Mailchimp could join an option with similar features as well. The plans of Sendinblue looks cheaper, but they change their prices based on the emails that you send and not the subscribers.

Here are the some of the differences between MailChimp and Sendinblue.


Ease Of Use

Mailchimp has an easy-to-use software. There are simple options below each tab that makes the process quite easy. Total beginners in marketing automation tools would need more instructions to get started because they may don’t understand all these options. However, there are many guides on third-party platforms like blogs and YouTube.

Sendinblue is created for beginners. It has a drag-and-drop editor with pre-set options. Also, there are instructions that help you to create your first campaign. Overall, both tools have a beginner-friendly process and are very easy to use.



The design of the emails affects the user experience, so it can increase or decrease your conversion rates. Mailchimp has 100 pre-made email templates that they look attractive and professional. 

Sendinblue has fewer pre-made email templates. The design of these templates is not great as well, but there is an editor that helps you to create your own templates fast. In this category, Mailchimp has an advantage because you can get great email templates without any work from your part.


List Management

Mailchimp has some problems in this part. You can’t move subscribers from one list to another or add the subscribers on multiple lists for the same campaign. If you have a subscriber on two different lists for any reason, you pay for it twice because it does not recognize it as one subscriber, and the pricing levels are based on the number of subscribers.

Sendinblue has a simpler process, and it’s the best option in this part. You can use criteria and conditions to put subscribers to multiple lists without paying extra money.


Email Automations

Both tools allow you to create automated campaigns and autoresponders. However, Sendinblue has an extra advantage because you can use as many triggers as you want based on data and engagement. You can enable a feature for SMS as well if you have the phone numbers of your subscribers. 

Creating automations on Mailchimp is more complex than Sendinblue, but you still have many triggers and options to add in your campaigns.


Registration Forms

Mailchimp gives options to create landing pages, pop-up forms, and embed forms. You can edit some basic parts of these forms like the content and the calls to action. However, you can’t make big changes in the design, and some forms are not for mobile.

The extra options of Sendinblue are the editor that makes it easier to change the registration forms and allows the subscribers to choose the list that they will subscribe to. 



Mailchimp offers two features that help you to create campaigns based on data from social media, and if you have an e-commerce store, you can check the revenue from each contact. 

Sendinblue has a feature that allows you to create tasks and deadlines from every user. Also, you can check some extra details like websites that they visit and preferences on the internet. In this category, the tools have a different approach, so the best option depends on your preferences.



Both Mailchimp and Sendinblue allow you to check how an email looks to your subscribers and have testing options for mobile and desktop. However, Mailchimp has only 25 Inbox Preview tokens per month. Then, you must buy more tokens to use this service. Sendinblue does not charge you for this option.


Reports and Data

Both tools include reports for email performance, clicks, location, and automation reports. Also, you can track conversions or integrate Google Analytics for more detailed data. However, Mailchimp has additional reports for social media and e-commerce. If you use this type of data, Mailchimp will be more valuable for your business.


Integrations and Extras

Integrations are important if you use extra tools on your website and internet marketing campaigns. Mailchimp is a clear winner with integrations for over 200 tools and plugins. You can check the available integrations on their site, and there are many popular online tools. Sendinblue has fewer options for integrations, but it can work with Shopify that is not an available integration for Mailchimp.



The support options are similar, but there are two slight differences. First, Mailchimp’s support is only available only for the paid members, and the higher you are on the membership levels, the better support you will get. It makes sense because it’s a huge platform that focuses on its customers. Sendinblue responds a little faster, and free members can get support as well.



Sendinblue has a competitive advantage in the pricing option. However, it does not mean that Mailchimp is expensive compared to other similar email marketing tools. 

Both Sendinblue and Mailchimp have a free membership to get started with limited emails per month. Then, Mailchimp charges per subscriber and Sendinblue per email. So, Sendinblue is much cheaper for members that have a large number of subscribers, but they don’t contact them often. Also, you can use all the features of Sendinblue while Mailchimp includes some key features only with the more expensive plans.



Mailchimp is a big name with many email templates, integrations, and additional reports. Sendinblue offers better prices and an easy-to-use editor to customize templates and registration forms. Both of them are quality email marketing tools that can help with your campaigns. At Rocket SEO in Miami we have tons of experience using both, so we can help you decide which is best suited for your needs and run your marketing campaigns from the start. Our team is always ready to help you achieve success through effective online marketing.

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