10 Reasons Why Every Business Needs SEO

10 Reasons Why Every Business Needs SEO


Most brands know that they need SEO, even if they don’t optimize their websites to get the maximum from it. SEO will improve the performance of a website or any other digital property on the search engines. However, this is not the only benefit and advantage over other internet marketing strategies.


In this post, you will discover ten reasons why every business needs SEO. It does not matter the size of your company or your industry. Every business can get all these benefits if they do SEO in the right way.


1. SEO Can Become Your Primary Source Of Traffic


Google is the website with the most visitors in the world and the most popular search engine. It owns almost 75% of the total search market. Other popular alternatives can be Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, and more. So, if you can get ranked on the first page of Google for popular keywords in your niche, you can get a lot of traffic.


For this reason, many websites focus heavily on SEO, and organic search is their primary source of traffic. It does not mean that you should focus only on Google. You can still use social media or other alternatives for your traffic. However, the sites that do not optimize their sites well for Google lose a lot of potential visitors and customers every day.


2. SEO Can Boost Brand Awareness


While it takes time to establish a brand and get authority on search engines, SEO is one of the best ways to achieve that. A good SEO includes quality content, link building, and great user experience. These elements are important for every website that has a long-term strategy. The problem is that you must provide all the above before getting results.


However, it’s worth the patience. When people search for information in your niche and find your site for multiple keywords, it is enough to gain trust and credibility. They search on Google because they expect the best results, so they will recognize you or your business as a reliable source of information and an expert in your niche. Then, it will be easier to send them to your funnel or any product pages.


3. SEO Means A Good User Experience


SEO will motivate you to have a great user experience. You cannot get on the first page of Google consistently without a good user experience. When users click on the results of organic search, they expect to find information about what they want. Also, they will not wait over a few seconds to find it.


If the user experience of a website is not good enough, it means that there is something wrong. It can be a problem with the loading time, design, or the readability of the content. Users do not care about your site’s issues. They will click the back buttons and move to the next page if they don’t get the right information fast. Google can figure out these issues based on the behavior of the users when they visit your site. If they don’t remain on your site, it will rank your pages at lower positions.


4. Local SEO 


Local SEO can help any company to get more leads and engagement on a website. Many people use mobile search to find products and businesses near to them for quick solutions to their problems. It focuses on search engine optimization for specific cities, areas, and regions, depending on the target audience of your company.


If you have a good local SEO strategy, you will probably target local keywords, generate backlinks from local listings, and create a Google My Business listing. People are very likely to ask questions, leave comments, and clicks your call to actions through this process. Your reviews on Google My Business and other review sites can encourage potential clients and increase your rankings.


5. Get Buyers Traffic


Traffic from organic search is quality traffic if you target the right keywords. Customers already search for information on relevant products and services. In many cases, they have bought products from other competitors before. It is on you to find and give them the right information. This is the best type of traffic for a company that focuses on leads and sales.


It is easier to get results from organic traffic than social media traffic because most users on social media are not in a buying mood. They just find interesting posts and take a look. It takes more work, landing pages, and emails to convert them into buyers compared to the high-quality traffic of search engines.


6. SEO Will Help You To Be Updated


The internet is evolving and changing constantly. Google and other search engines have to update their systems to remain competitive. So, you will update your site regularly to keep your rankings at the best possible positions. These updates can include technical parts, the user experience, your content, or any marketing parts of a website.


If you don’t update your content with new information, you will stay behind your competitors and lose your rankings. Google wants to give the best search results in its visitors, so you need to be one of the best options in your niche. This is a good thing because SEO will not allow you to stay behind the competition. Even if something goes wrong, you will figure out it soon because of changes in your traffic. 


7. SEO Is A Long Term Strategy


SEO is the best long-term investment you can do in 2020. Creating an authority website will generate tons of traffic in the future. If you want to get results fast and focus on the short-term, you will lose many opportunities because the goal is to get this amount of traffic consistently for years.


The top SEO experts build their sites one piece of content at the time and one backlink at the time because they want to be ahead of their competition for a long time. Google makes changes in the algorithm every year, and you need to adapt to these changes as well. If you keep doing all these things, you will be ahead of your competition in the long-term.


8. SEO Helps You To Find New Opportunities


Opportunities appear in most industries regularly. As a result of all the above, SEO will help you to be one of the first persons that learn about new opportunities. Simply, you will communicate with your potential leads and check what other people do online as well. 


For example, you may have heard about tools like voice search and Google My Business that help users to find your company with other types of search. The need for a great user experience in mobile is another useful update for any website. SEO can help you to learn news in your industry as well because you may need to include them in your content or inform your readers about them.


9. You Need To Be At The First Page


If you have a website with some content, Google will find it, and sooner or later, you will get some organic traffic. So, many marketers can’t see a reason to focus on the optimization of their website. Google will find them anyway.


The main difference between a site with a good SEO strategy and a website that has not put enough time or resources on SEO is their rankings. The chances to get ranked on the first page of Google for competitive keywords in your niche are very limited without an effective strategy.


The goal of your strategy should be in the first position for any targeted keyword, and if this is not possible because of the competition, you need to aim for the first page. The 40% of the clicks from organic search are on the first three positions. The results on the second page get only a few clicks. If you are not on the first page, you don’t get enough traffic from Google.


10. Voice Search Keeps Growing


Voice search is a new trend on the internet. Many users search on Google with their mobile phones, and it is easier for them to use the voice search than typing keywords. Many websites adapt their SEO strategy to this new trend as they don’t want to stay behind the competition. Voice search is extremely useful for local search as well because many people ask for directions or services near them.


Voice search takes a combination of great mobile user experience, fast loading time, and targeting keywords that people use when they talk like questions and simple instructions. With a few words, you need good SEO with a few extra details.




Every business needs SEO because it will help with traffic, conversions, and branding. It’s more effective than other free sources of traffic like social media, and it’s free. Even if you invest some money for SEO, it will be cheaper than strategies that include paid advertising. SEO is still a great investment for any company that wants to expand its strategy in digital marketing and will be a top marketing method for years.


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