Due to the unfortunate turn of events related to the Covid-19 virus many industries across the board are forced into mandatory shutdowns. This has had a devastating ripple effect across our economy and can cripple any size business, but leaves small businesses especially vulnerable due to loss of customers and income and may force businesses to cut employee hours or let employees go in order to weather the storm. These business owners and their employees have families to feed and people who depend on them to put a roof over their heads.

Rocket SEO Miami understands this issue and tough decisions many business owners may have to make and in response we are giving our current clients a REFUND for 50% of their SEO, PPC or web design services they have had with us each month for the past 3 months.  So these businesses will be issued a 50% REFUND EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY for payment of services they have had with us for the months of January, February and March. We are also giving our current clients SEO, PPC, and web design services FREE of charge for the month of April to help cushion the effects of these massive mandatory shutdowns.

In addition to the refunds we are issuing all of our current clients, we are also inviting businesses of all sizes to start SEO, PPC or any of our services and receive a 50% off each month you have service with us (up to 3 months, starting April 1) This way you can get on track to attracting more customers amid this unfortunate turn of events in our economy. As business owners, neighbors, friends and people of the world we must stick this out together.

If your business isn’t set up to make online sales or you own a restaurant and need to be set up to make online orders call us and we will work with you to transition your business to be able to continue operating amid these massive mandatory closures.

If you are a dentist or have a medical practice of any kind and need to start seeing clients online we can set all these things up for you so you can continue your medical practice and continue offering your valuable services.

Rocket SEO Miami cares about our clients and stands by businesses large and small and we are fully committed to do what’s right by our clients and help any way we can. Contact us if you have any questions.