How To Improve The Positioning of Your Business Online

 In the digital world, it is essential for any company not only to have a web page but to learn to position it as well as possible, in order to gain visibility, capture potential customers and therefore guarantee the permanent profitability of the business. But, in a field as fierce and competitive as the Internet, making your website stand out among the millions of pages on the web seems like an impossible task, however, this is not the case. Achieving good positioning in the results pages may be more within your reach than you imagine, since there are a number of optimizations that you can do on your site and in your content, optimizations called SEO.

 SEO, which is just an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, consists of a set of techniques that offer a better response to the requirements of search engines in order to multiply the possibilities that users have to find your proposals when they make a Google search, that is, improving the organic positioning (non-payment) of your content in the results of Google or any other search engine. SEO can be external (search engine improvement) or internal (on the website or blog itself).

 Better positioning in Google means not only a significant increase in visitors, but also sales. According to the Search Engine Journal, 75% of users never go beyond the first page in their searches. For this reason, SEO is essential since it is of no use to offer quality information on your website if your audience isn’t able to find it.

 It should also be noted that SEO is an ever- changing discipline that is never completely mastered, because Google constantly updates its algorithm to make it even better. This forces the creators of websites and content to be in a constant reinvention mode, always encouraging them to offer their best.

Things to Consider when developing a good SEO strategy for your Site

1) Set your goals

 For an SEO strategy to be effective, the first thing to do is set realistic goals, which will allow you to track the actions taken and, if necessary, introduce the relevant changes. The characteristics that these objectives must meet are summarized with SMART. Meaning, has to be Specific, Measurable, Affordable, Relevant and framed over Time.

2) Define your target audience

 Once these objectives have been established, it is important to determine to whom a specific SEO campaign is directed. At this point, two key concepts must be distinguished: Number 1: the profile of the ideal buyer, which is basically a description of the best companies to which to sell a product or service, and on the other, the buyer person, understood as a semi fictitious representation of the ideal client, this time, it is a natural person or individual based on real data. Precisely, it is the buyer person who must inspire SEO actions, so the company must know in depth its needs and online browsing habits.

3) Create quality content

 Once the target audience is defined, the company will be ready to prepare the online content that can attract their attention and interest. Although these can be prepared in various formats such as text, image, graphic information or video, among others, the most important thing is that they are useful, of quality and relevant for potential customers. In addition, generating attractive downloadable content will help the company to be perceived by internet users as an expert in their field of activity and, at the same time, will encourage users to download and share the information that is being provided to them.

 It should be noted that duplicate content should be avoided. Duplicate content refers to when two websites have the same content (and in severe cases, even exactly the same code). To make your site unique it is advisable to use unique images of your product, add alt tags to your images and optimize the titles of these images.


4) Use keywords correctly

 A fundamental aspect of SEO is to incorporate carefully researched keywords into your content. Basically, the keywords are the terms that the buyer person enters into the search engines to find the solution to their needs or problems. For example, if a person is planning a trip to Japan they will likely type “best destinations in Japan” or the “cheapest destinations in Japan” in the search bar.

 Including these keywords in the different elements of its website such as the title, the URL or the meta description, which corresponds to the SEO on-page techniques, the company will allow the site have more opportunity to appear in the first results in search engines

5) Check your website

 Another important part of using SEO effectively is to carefully review your website for errors or problems that could be preventing you from having a better ranking on Google. Sites like Screaming Frog can help you identify problems, such as slow loading times and ease of use of the site on mobile devices, both in the structure of the URL and in the format of your content.

 It should be noted that neither users nor search engines like a web page that takes time to load. The Competition for business online is high and any opportunity you give a competitor you can rest assured they will take advantage of it. For example, if a person is looking to buy aloe vera for burns, he will visit several websites to find the product at the best price. If your web does not load or loads slowly your chances of the prospective customer staying on your site is dramatically decreased.

6) Use links

 With regard to SEO techniques, it is important to keep in mind that there are two types of links: “do follow” (which give authority to the page they point to) and “no follow” (expressly marked with an attribute for that are not taken into account by search engines when transmitting authority to the website in question). Particularly, the use of internal linking do follow tells search engines which pages to rank and also helps customers discover other pages within your website.

 Currently, the ideal situation is that a site hosts a balanced combination between both types. To attract them, there are numerous techniques, such as launching a blog, asking customers of the company to include the web link on their site, writing articles and sending them to content aggregators or writing blogs of influential gurus.

7) Measure your results

 It is important to know the impact of the investment into marketing online just as any other offline marketing. Monitoring success is not only a great advantage for digital marketing, but also for SEO. You can access a real-time analysis from Google Analytics, for example, which is a free tool or implement payment tools such as WebCEO or Advanced Web Ranking. Some metrics to consider are traffic, conversions and bounce rate.

 On the other hand, another aspect that must be considered is the need to integrate SEO into the purchase cycle, which includes from the moment a user searches for solutions for a particular problem until he acquires a product or service. For the strategy deployed to succeed, it is desirable that it takes into account the four phases in which this process is divided, summarized with the acronym AIDA (attention, interest, decision and action), and that the habits shown by the potential customer in each of them.

 In summary, while this optimization process is being carried out in the internal structure of the web, concrete steps must be followed so that the strategy is effective: define what elements must be redesigned  Try to make a good impression on the user, always ensure the quality of the content and constantly monitor the results of SEO actions.

Benefits provided by SEO

 Optimizing sites and blogs through the use of techniques to improve the web positioning of your pages and positioning your company in the first results of Google, for example, increase your business opportunities. Among the other benefits obtained are:

 Better return on investment. One of the main benefits of SEO is that it requires a much smaller investment than other traditional advertising. The investment required by SEO is not very much considering the potential ROI. The good thing is everything can be measured. If you hire a competent SEO agency such as Rocket SEO here in Miami we do everything for you. You can go at it alone, but there is larger investment in time and money involved in the form of payment of some tools, the salaries of the SEO specialist and a team to put all the pieces in place. Hiring an SEO agency that can handle end to end marketing can easily return way more than initial investment and leave you to run your business without the headache.

 Increase in target traffic and brand visibility. With the creation of valuable optimized content, your website will be able to organically attract the leads you are looking for. The more visits you receive, the more people will know your business and the more likely you are to close a sale. In addition, that traffic will be people really interested in what the brand offers. In turn, it can give a high recognition to the brand with a relatively low investment and, therefore, generate higher revenues.

 Long term positioning. Once your website is positioned, if it has been done optimally, it will appear in the ranking for a long period. SEO is one of the strategies best valued by advertising and communication professionals if what you want to do is launch a project and take advantage of it in the long term.

 It improves credibility. The fact of being in the first positions after the searches, provides the client with confidence and credibility.  That is why users usually don’t go past the first page in the results, because they trust that search engines will show them only the desired pages and with truthful and quality information.

 Improve local marketing. Even if the business is small or you have a local company, SEO is an advantage for your advertising. 80% of local searches become sales. If you don’t invest in local SEO it can be a costly mistake. More and more the competition is seeing the value and jumping to secure positioning. You don’t want to be excluded and create a situation where your target customers are not finding you, but finding your competitor first. This is exactly where a knowledgeable digital marketing agency comes in and can really make the difference for your business.

 More organic results. The main goal of SEO strategies is that results are obtained in an organic way. This ensures that results achieved are maintained in the long run and not just a flash in the pan. So havig a SEO strategy properly implemented is vital.

Proper SEO strategy is used to create that first contact, that channel of traffic and communication between your potential customers searching online and your business.

 Increase in the quality of the content. Another key factor to understand with SEO is that it improves the type of content offered. Being a marketing that uses the contents to attract its audience and create the need to consume their products or services, our website will be forced to guarantee the best possible experience for the user.

 The Google search algorithm has earned the trust of users, so that a well positioned page with a successful SEO strategy and sites that show up in first page results on Google, is able to capture the immediate attention of potential customers.

 So we hope this article was helpful to you. SEO is the perfect tool to connect your business with potential customers, but you can’t forget it is a process and its ever changing. So hiring an SEO agency that is experienced and uses data driven strategies can not only save you time, it will save you money and the headache of having to manage another aspect of your business. Rocket SEO in Miami is an agency comprising of experts who are ready to help your business reach more customers. Contact us for a FREE analysis and we will outline a custom strategy for your specific needs.

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