Google May 2020 Core Update – What You Need To Know


Google’s May 2020 Core Update has received many complaints from internet marketers and business owners. The reason is that Google decided to publish this update during the pandemic. It has created ups and downs in the traffic of many websites. The timing is not good for many business owners with many other things to worry about these days.

Google updates the algorithms for the search engine regularly. However, they announce only the important updates that impact many websites. Minor updates take place multiple times every year. So, small and medium businesses that get traffic from Google must be prepared for changes in their rankings.

What Is Important On Google May 2020 Core Update?

1. Big Brands Win

There are some concerns from some small business owners that lost a significant amount of traffic. At the same time, big brands like social media networks, Amazon, and Etsy are on the first two positions for many keywords relevant to their niches. It does not mean that every big brand is a winner. Many popular blogs and platforms have remained at the same levels or suffer small losses.

So, the first thing step for a business is to check the traffic and the rankings after this update. If they have a significant decrease in traffic, they need to analyze the results and fix any problems. However, there are not any instructions from Google on how to get back your rankings

2. Millions Of Baby Algorithms Working Together

Gary Illyes from Google said that this update has millions of baby algorithms. This is an important statement because this update does not focus on one-two elements of your site. You can’t get some backlinks or just add some content to return at the same level.

Too many factors affect your site’s rankings, so you must be willing to analyze the problems, get feedback from the visitors, and develop a complete strategy for the future. The algorithms are too smart these days. Tricks do not work anymore as they used to work some years ago. A website must add value and be helpful for the visitors.

3. Relevancy Updates

Relevancy is always important for Google. It can affect different types of sites. For example, news sites publish articles that are not relevant after a while and must stop being on the first page of Google for specific keywords. The same applies to topics that focus on trends that are irrelevant after a while. Keeping your posts and pages relevant through time can give you only positive results.

This part of the update can be a good thing for businesses that are active and engage with their audience. If you publish fresh and updated content on a topic, you deserve to get results.

4. Recovery From Other Core Updates

If a previous update had decreased your traffic from organic search, you might recover it with this update. Google has confirmed that it is possible to get your rankings back in future updates. Of course, we assume that there is nothing goes too wrong with a website between these two updates.

The only way to get back your rankings is by waiting for new updates because Google makes major updates of the algorithms 2-3 times per year. For this reason, some small and medium businesses get more organic traffic today.

5. Changes On Your Website Will Not Affect Your Rankings

If you have made any changes to your site in the last weeks before Google May 2020 Core Update, they are not responsible for any increase or decrease in traffic. It will take more time for Google to evaluate these changes and show you the new result, so you need to wait a little longer.

How To Move Forward

1. Quality Content

Content is not the only important ranking factor, but you can’t expect good results with thin content. Almost every Google core update wants to reward quality content and the brands that create it. Content is not only a fix for the existing ranking factors but a great way to ensure that you keep getting visitors and engagement.

Quality content is a combination of length, images, readability, and updated information. A good piece of content needs to be informative and helpful for the target audience. Also, quality content is a good strategy for social media marketing, branding, and getting more leads.

2. Fix Any Technical Problems

Technical SEO includes many rankings factors that can harm your rankings if something goes wrong. You need to check the structure of your site, broken links, duplicated content, crawling problems, and any other technical part. These problems can be frustrating for users and search engines. The good news is that most of these technical issues can be fixed easily.

3. User Experience Is Key

Google wants to offer the best user experience for their visitors. Most ranking factors and updates will help you to give a better experience to your visitors. When people search on Google, they expect to get results with the most relevant and quality content.

The featured snippets and Google My Business listings are two features that try to improve the user experience without visiting a website. The users can get the right information on the search results directly.

A website needs a great user experience to get good rankings. Quality content is only a part of it. Also, it takes a fast loading time, nice design, good structure, and great performance of mobile. On the other hand, aggressive promotional strategies and errors on website pages harm the user experience.


The Google core updates have different results on every business. While some big brands get better rankings, it does not mean that every small business has problems. You need to check your Google Analytics and figure out if there are any changes to your website.

If you have a decrease in traffic, you just need to continue the good work. You may get back your rankings in a future update or just improve your website for better results.  Rocket SEO is committed to getting better rankings for our clients regardless of what Google updates take place.  Staying up to date and putting all the pieces of online marketing together is a massive task, dont go at it alone. Feel free to give us call 305 363-3134 and let our experts handle your online marketing that way you can concentrate on running your business and taking care of your customers, we will take care of you.

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