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Most frequent questions and answers

YES and NO.

If done improperly SEO can cost your business a ton of money, more importantly a ton of time. So YES, that kind of SEO is expensive.

On the other hand NO. When done correctly SEO is not expensive, when it’s done correctly it drives profits online for businesses month after month. So its’s an asset to your online presence.

 Here is where the confusion comes in, NO ONE can say they will give you instant rankings or anything like that, NO ONE can tell you for certain how fast you can rank. There are too many factors involved (over 200 factors)

SEO is a continuous process and not a one time activity. Due to the nature of SEO we recommend our clients to give it 3 months so they can really start to see the trajectory of their campaign and to see the bigger picture of where it’s all headed. 

What WE CAN tell you is that we are professionals who look at data and that drives decisions on how to get you in a position that is beneficial to your business. We will do that in the most timely and cost efficient way for you to see lasting results.

Once again NO ONE can guarantee first page ranks, if they guarantee this then we would suggest looking elsewhere for service. NO ONE has control of what Google does or knows Google algorithms EXCEPT for Google, same with other search engines no one can control that.

WHAT WE DO is guarantee is our performance. This is something we can 100% control through our experience of looking at and interpreting data and making decisions based off metrics we are able to see.  Therefore, we can comfortably offer a no risk situation to our clients. Our team has strict checks and to ensure we make good on our commitments to our clients.  See our commitment to your business. We take great pride in the fact that our clients are protected by our Performance Promise.

The same answer as the SEO question applies here. It can be if someone doesn’t know exactly what they are doing. The expenses can get out of hand fairly quickly and may be detrimental to small businesses. PPC campaigns can swallow up a marketing budget whole and not produce any measureable results if not implemented correctly.

At Rocket SEO our experts understand PPC campaigns and quickly move to create campaigns that won’t swallow your whole marketing budget whole. Anyone can slap together a PPC campaign, it’s not about that. It’s about understanding the data behind it and being able to act on the findings. We let our experience and knowledge of data drive your campaigns and quickly adjust to make your PPC campaigns a success.

We could say it cost $400 or $4000 a month. The reality is that in order to get an accurate figure we would have to get a better idea of your companies goals. We would need to do an analysis of your site to see the extent of the work needed in order to meet and exceed the goals you set forth.

Here at Rocket SEO we will NEVER sell you something you don’t need and everything we suggest that you do need will be explained to you.

We will explain how your business can benefit from it and why you need it, then you can make informed decisions. We don’t just throw the whole kitchen sink at you. You may not need as much as you think.  Transparency in our work and our client’s trust is our priority and we take that seriously.

No, our agency doesn’t like to chain our clients into long term contracts. We prefer to educate our clients about the process of SEO and let them see the value that we are adding to their business.

Once our clients see the results we can achieve,  they tend to stick around so we really don’t see the need for contracts. Who likes long term contracts you are locked into and have to jump through hoops to get out of anyway?

This has never happened before, but in the event that we fail to keep our Performance Promise to our clients we will work for FREE until we make good on it.

Here at Rocket SEO Miami our client’s results are what drive us forward. Our clients pay for results , so this is what we deliver.

We can report every 2 weeks or monthly. 

We recommend to clients to opt for monthly reports. That way you can get a clear view of how the campaign is progressing.

We have an awesome client support team who are more than happy to go over reports with our clients if they need help understanding the data they receive. High level customer support is extremely important to our clients, and therefore is a high priority to us. You are NEVER on your own at any point in the process and can ALWAYS reach someone who will be more than happy to help you.

We make it easy on our clients, just 4 easy steps:

  1. Fill out form on our home page or give us a call tell us what your main goals are along with your URL
  2. We will have one of our experts analyze where you are currently and form a custom strategy to reach your goals.
  3. We will send you a short intake form
  4.  Our team of experts will begin to implement the strategy and update you on your progress with detailed reports. At this stage you can continue to do what you do best and run your business. Our support team is here for you if you have questions at any stage of your campaign. Someone will ALWAYS be available to assist you.


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