Google Ads is an advertising program by Google. So, if you join it and create advertising campaigns, you have access to the users of the biggest website on the internet. 

However, does Google Ads really work?

The answer is that it can work if you do the right things and follow a profitable strategy. In this article, you will read why Google Ads work and how it can help your business.


Targeting Options

The targeting options of Google Ads can help you narrow down your target audience and reach the people you want. Google Ads is unique because it has more traffic than other search engines. So, it gets traffic for keywords that don’t get enough clicks on other alternative advertising programs.

Also, it is more specific than social media ads because you target keywords instead of interests. Many people can be interested in dental care, but some keywords show real buying intent. If someone searches for the best dentists in Miami, he probably will visit a dentist soon. There are filters that you can use to exclude people with a specific age, devices, gender, and more.

If you put all these options together and get the maximum from the available keywords, you have the advertising program with the best targeting options. It can definitely help you to reach your target audience and get results.


Control Your Costs 

We can’t say that Google Ads is a cheap or expensive advertising program because its ads depend on the advertiser. Some big brands invest a lot of money on ads, while small businesses are more cautious with their expenses.

However, the advertiser fully controls the costs. Google Ads gives many options relevant to the budget of your campaigns. You can choose the total budget, daily budget, and the cost per click for each keyword.

There are stories with negative experiences from marketers that lost more money than expected. The truth is that your options will determine the results. Usually, beginners with no experience and training make costly mistakes. Rocket SEO here in Miami helps businesses run successful campaigns all the time so, if you get some help with your ads or be cautious in the beginning, you can avoid these mistakes.


 It Is A Fast Way To Get Targeted Traffic

Many businesses avoid SEO because it takes time to give your results. This is the only negative of every SEO strategy. Google can take up to 10 months to rank you in a desirable position for a tough keyword. It makes sense that many businesses need to reach their target audience right now. They may want to create a new offer or must improve their profits for different reasons.

Paid advertising allows you to get traffic once you create an advertisement. Also, search engines have more targeted traffic because you target your audience based on their keywords and demographics. On the other hand, all free traffic sources will take some time to build an audience, and the quality of the traffic is not always as you expect.

If you have already applied an SEO strategy and get results, you may think that Google Ads has no extra value for you. However, this is a common mistake for many small businesses that lose potential customers from their competitors. There are many new keywords that you can target with Google Ads and increase your traffic today.


It Works Well With SEO 

SEO can become your primary source of traffic. However, you will not be on the first three positions of the organic results for every keyword that you target. In many cases, you will be on the second or third page as well. You can easily use Google Ads to target keywords that do not perform well.

Next, you can bid for keywords relevant to your brand or your competitors’ brands. There are no guarantees that competitors will not try to steal potential customers that type the name of your business. You can’t protect this traffic only with SEO.


High Conversion Rates

The great targeting options and your ability to control costs will increase your conversion rates. When advertisers can’t get results with Google Ads, they do something wrong with the targeting process or have a poor landing page.

You must target people that are highly interested in what you offer. For example, if you are a dentist in Miami, you must target people that search for your services in your area. Any irrelevant targeting would be a waste of money. 

The landing page needs to give the users what they want. If they search for a dentist, you need a landing page that includes some contact details for your office, a phone number, and a description of you. When the users don’t get what they want, they click the back button and check for other options.


Measure Your Success

Google Ads include metrics about your ads and their results. You can check impressions, clicks, conversions, cost per click, and more. When an ad is too expensive, you can change the copy, the target audience, or remove it from your campaigns.

These metrics keep you accountable and help you to measure the results. If you create a Google Analytics account, you can also track your visitors’ behavior. The available information will reveal any problems with your campaigns and things that you can improve.


Beat The Competition

Your competitors already use Google Ads to reach your potential customers. The chances are that they target keywords relevant to your name or your brand as well. Depending on the competition of each keyword, they may get clients at a low price.

However, there is no reason to lose traffic and potential customers. You can get your share of the market if you create your own campaigns and find profitable keywords. Once you start getting results, you will be able to scale your campaigns and reach even more people in your niche.



Google Ads really works for many businesses. It can be a solution for websites that don’t get enough traffic or conversions with their existing traffic sources. Lastly, you can scale your campaigns based on the available budget and your profits. Here at Rocket SEO we can make sure you are getting the most from the money you are spending on Google Ads without all the mistakes and guesswork.

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