9 Ways To Communicate With Your Customers During COVID-19 Shutdowns

It is not easy for a business to communicate with existing and new customers during COVID-19. People prefer to remain safe and home, so we need to figure out ways to reach them. They still buy products and services, but they use different channels to make purchases and get information. You can read some of the available channels for communication this period below.

1. Video Chat With Your Customers

The closest alternative to a one-to-one conversation is video chats. There are many platforms that allow you to make a video call like Skype, Facebook, and Viber. You can use their text chat as well. The conversation is natural, but you need to be aware of potential issues. 

For example, you need to check your internet speed, make sure that your camera and microphone work properly, and must talk one person at the time if there are multiple people in the chat. For many professional meetings and presentations, a video chat is the best option.

2. Hold An Online Event

An online event is similar to a video chat, but it is not just a conversation. It is an alternative to a live event that you can present products and educate people about them. It requires a plan for the date and good preparation. 

You need to create a presentation, inform some people about the event, and have a professional attitude. For your events, you can use plugins on your website, create webinars, or use the options on social media for live videos. Anything can work if you can reach your audience and engage with them. 

3. Send Personalized Emails

Email marketing can be very helpful these days. Your customers are on their computers many hours per day, so they check their emails regularly. Of course, you need an email list to use this option. If you don’t have an email list, you can ask for your customers’ emails through social media and your website.

Personalized emails mean that you use the available data to answer their questions and create the best possible offers. It does not have to be spammy or sell something every day. It’s fine to send them information and build a relationship that can be helpful in the future. 

4.  Be Active On Social Media

If you have some social media profiles, you can easily post your updates about this period. You can explain how they can use your products, give them any relevant to your product advice, and publish interesting posts. It is possible to receive personal messages as well. 

Social media marketing allows us to get new leads or customers during COVID-19. Many users search on social media and search engines for information these days because of the quarantine around the world. It is an opportunity to reach your audience.

5.  Create Forums Or Groups

It is quite easy to create a group on Facebook, a simple forum on your website, or use other platforms for similar types of groups. The benefit is that it is easy for your customers to engage with you. They can ask questions and leave their comments at any time of the day they want. Then, you can answer them in your free time. You can decide to create a private or open group and make it a part of your marketing. 

6. Update Your Website

If you have a website, it’s the right time to update it and get the maximum from it. People who are interested in your services, they will visit your website for more information. By keeping it updated, you can guide them and get leads. 

Also, you can update any old blogs and your SEO strategy. You want search engines to show your site in the first position when people search for your brand. If COVID 19 stays here for months, it is worth to increase the organic traffic.

7. Offer Online Support Or Customer Service

It depends on the type of services that you offer if this is a good option for your business. Online support can add a lot of value to your customers. Even if you give some advice for free to existing customers, it will help you to build a relationship with them and sell your services after this period. Offering support may need some extra work depending on the potential visitors, but we have plenty of time these days to work online.

8. Reach Customers Through Other Media

If you always wanted to experiment with different types of online marketing, this is the right time. You can create accounts on video platforms like YouTube, forums, social media networks, blogging platforms, and any other idea you can think. If you have accounts on different platforms, just use them.

It is fine to invite your customers and find new contacts at the same time. There is unlimited traffic on the internet if you keep looking for it. The only secret is to create content relevant to your niche. This is a simple way to attract potential customers and inform your existing ones.

9. Use Discounts and Special Offers During COVID-19

Your customers will never stop looking for ways to buy things that they like or need. Creating special offers is a great way to get their attention. It’s the right time to make long-term deals and make sure that you will not lose your customers. For example, you can offer a one-year membership after COVID-19 with a discount. They will be very happy to get a good deal, so it will work for every part. Next, you can expand these offers to a new audience that you can find through your marketing channels.


We have plenty of ways to communicate through the internet. You don’t have to apply all of them, but one-two communication channels can do the job for you. Some of your customers will appreciate the fact that you are active and helpful, while some businesses decide just to sit back and wait. We hope you found this articl to be helpful.  You can learn more about how we are helping our clients through the shutdowns by going to our Important Notice page. Even if you aren’t a client we have something for you. https://rocketseopro.com/important-notice/

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