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With the dominance of Google online, we hear this question lot from . How do people use Google search?  We know most people use Google, but how do they actually use it?

Google is the most visited website globally. A study from Internet Live Stats revealed that 3.5 billion Google searches performed every day around the world.

In this article, you’ll learn how people use google search. & How you can use it to drive profit to your business. We’ll also show you the top 8 google statistics for businesses that you should be aware of.




How Google Search Works?

Before moving deeper into how people use Google search. First, you have to understand how exactly Google search works.

While you search, there are millions of webpages with relevant and useful information on the internet. But Google already figures them out, which results in to show in SERPs. Before you even search.

Google has revealed, they’ve indexed over 130 Trillion web pages on the internet and their search index is around 100,000,000 gigabytes in size .

Google crawls all the pages on the internet. Then categorizes all the webpage’s data in their search index before you search.

When you search, within a second, Google’s Search algorithms look through billions of webpages in their Search index. And show you the most appropriate, suitable results for your search query.

Google also presents you with the results in many helpful different formats. Either as a map with directions, blogs, articles, images, videos, or stories.

Google search & its algorithm is always improving. That’s why people at Google spend everyday testing, running thousands of experiments each year.

These are all the basics of how Google search works, we explain to our clients here at our SEO agency Miami. Now let’s look at how people use Google search.

How People Use Google Search?

Understanding how people use Google search is very crucial for any business. Especially how their customers use the search.

People use Google to search for lots of various reasons. From entertainment, finding information, research, to making the purchase.

Most of us use Google for research. We use it to find answers to questions, a solution to a problem, or to learn further about something.

User Behavior Study On How People Use Google Search

People usually start with a 1-3 keyword phrase for their search queries. A study by Backlinko found that 59% of Google users visit only a single page throughout their search session.

The study also found that only 17% of users bounced back to the search results after clicking on a result. Around 6% visit four or more pages to get an answer to their search query.

If people didn’t find what they are searching for. They change their search terms and become more specific with the keywords. The analysis showed 15% of total users alter their initial search term in Google.


Most people prefer to go with the organic results during their search session. Backlinko found that 65% of the Google searchers click on the organic search results.

People also visit the search ads, while this diverse depending on the search query. The research found that 19% of the Google searchers click on a Google Ad during their search.

Google my business & Google maps can also be huge for businesses. For local search queries, 42% of Google searchers click on results inside of the Google Maps Pack.

People also take suggestions from Google while searching for their queries. The study found that Google searchers use one of Google’s autocomplete suggestions 23% of the time.

Few people using Google make it up to the bottom of the search results page. & almost no one visits the second page. The study found that only 9% of Google searchers make it to the bottom of the first page of the search results. And even little only 0.44% of total searchers go to the second page of Google’s search results.


Now that you understand how people use google search. Let’s look at why people use google search or any other search engine.

The User’s Intent Behind the Search

Understanding why and how people use Google search is important. But the more essential thing to know as a business owner is that why and how your target customer is using Google search.

This is the part where most of our clients meeting us at our SEO agency Miami gets confused.

The user’s intent is the final purpose of the user’s search in Google or other search engines. It is the searcher’s goal behind the search query.

Now let’s have a look at the intent of your customers behind the search. Here are four kinds of user’s search intents behind a Google search.

1. Informational Search

In an informational search, the user is asking questions and looking for information. It ranges from an answer to a simple question to more detailed answers. These queries often begin with what, how, why, where, etc. For example, “what is the best SEO agency Miami”,

But not all informational searches are expressed as questions. People also search with 1-2 specific keywords. And search phrases with tips, ideas, guides, help, tutorial, etc.

For example, SEO agency Miami, or Miami SEO.

2. Navigational Search

In navigational search, the searcher is looking for a specific website or a brand. People often find it quicker & easier for them to Google, rather than to type the whole URL into the address bar.

These searches include product or service name, brand name in their search. For example, Facebook, Moz SEO training, etc.

3. Commercial Search

In commercial search, the searcher looking for a particular product or service. They’ve not made a final decision yet, on what exact product or service is right for them.

Most of them are also looking for comparisons and reviews. They’re still researching up for their best available options. These queries often include pricing, comparison, best, top within the search query. For example, best SEO agency, ahrefs vs semrush, top SEO agency Miami.

4. Transactional Search

In a transactional search, the searcher has already made his decision and is ready to buy. Most of the searchers, they already know what they want to buy. Now they’re just looking for a place to buy it from.

These searches include phrases like buy, order, purchase, coupon, cheap, with it. For example, buy iphone11, cheap SEO agency Miami, Bluehost coupon, etc.

8 Google Statistics to Keep in Mind For Your Business

Check out the most important 8 Google statistics for your business.

  1. In 2019, People around the world visited Google 62.19 billion times. (Similarweb)
  2. A study by Jumpshot found out that, 46% of the product searches begin with Google.
  3. For every $1 business spend on Google Ads, they make an average of $2 in revenue. (Google)
  4. The study revealed, 19% of users searching for a product click on a Google Shopping result. (Backlinko)
  5. Mobile search is huge, mobile devices generate over 63% of Google’s total organic search in the US. (Merkleinc)
  6. More than 84% of Google users use Google more than 3 times daily. (Moz)
  7. The experiment found out Only 9% of total Google searchers make it to the bottom of the first page of the SERPs. (Backlinko)
  8. A research found that 19% of users searching for a product click on a Google Shopping result. (Backlinko)


We hope you found this article helpful & learned a little about how people use google search. Of course this is just scratching the surface.

Feel free to contact us If you need help growing your business with. If you’re not in Miami, no problem,  we’re a Miami SEO agency serving our clients globally.


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