5 Local SEO Tips for Miami Dentists

As a dentist here in Miami, there are many opportunities to get new patients on the internet. Local SEO is one of the most effective ways to get started because many patients do their research on Google before they visit your office. In this post, you will read five local SEO tips for Miami dentists.


  1. Create A Google My Business Listing


If you type in Google the keyword “dentists Miami”, you will get some results and some contact details of dental businesses. Many of these businesses are your competitors that already use Google My Business. Also, there is a map with red spots that shows even more competitors.


Google My Business is a tool that helps local businesses to add their contact details and other information on Google. Then, it uses the available data to rank the relevant businesses on the search results. So, you will see your dental office on the search results if you create a listing.


Your goal is to give contact details and help people to contact or visit you. It is quite easy to add an address, phone number, hours of service, and other similar information. Google My Business allows reviews from customers as well. These reviews will affect your rankings.


The best part is that Google My Business listings are viewable from Google Maps. If someone is on the road and needs a dentist in your area, they will see your contact details. Google is the biggest site in the world, and Google Maps has over one billion users. It can be a valuable source of new patients.


  1. Build A Website


Most businesses with an internet marketing strategy already have a professional website. So, many dentists in Miami have a website, but it does not mean that they do the right things when it comes to SEO.


A website can be the center of your online strategy. You can link it from business listings, send traffic from social media, optimize it for SEO, and get leads. So, building a website must be the second step in a local SEO strategy.


The important pages of your site must mention that you are a dentist, your area, and your contact details. Then, they need content that explains why someone should visit you and include a few words about your services. The content in your website pages matters, and Google use it to rank it on the search results under relevant keywords.


If you don’t want to do all these things by yourself or don’t know how to do it, you can task a reputable Miami SEO agency like Rocket SEO with doing this.  A website with some important pages and a few backlinks will start getting some traffic after a few months or more. Google takes some time before it trusts a new website, but it’s worth the waiting.


  1. Target Local Keywords


Keywords are words or phrases that people use to search on Google. As a dentist that wants to attract more clients to a professional website, you need to find some of these phrases and create content for them.


A first step could be to find common questions that your patients ask and write articles that answer them. Most people on the internet ask questions about their problems because they want to find solutions fast. This is a great way to show your expertise, add value to your website, and get more traffic.


While this strategy alone can help you to find plenty of content ideas, there are two extra options. First, you can check the content of your competitors. If they have topics that work well, you can create articles on the same topic with your opinion. Second, there are free keyword tools to get ideas like Ubersuggest and Answer The Public.


  1. Get Backlinks


Backlinks are an important ranking factor of Google and will help the performance of your website on the search engines. Also, backlinks can increase your traffic.


For a local SEO strategy, local backlinks are more valuable than other generic backlinks. You can start with review sites and business listings with businesses in Miami.


For example, most businesses should have a listing with some reviews on Google My Business and Yelp. Next, there are many niche directories for dentists or other business local listings. You can find many free and paid options with a simple Google search.


Then, you can continue with social media marketing. Shares and engagement on social media will improve your Google rankings. You can start with some big platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


A good social media marketing strategy requires new content and engagement. The good news is that short posts or nice images are enough for social media if you publish them consistently. Also, you can share articles from your website, dental news, and tips. Growing a following on social media will give both traffic and better rankings on Google.


  1. Track Your Traffic and Rankings


You need to be aware of the rankings of your website and your traffic. If you know what it works, you will do more of it and scale your traffic. On the other hand, you must stop or change the things that do not work.


There are three free tools from Google that will help you with tracking:


Google Analytics: It tracks every visitor of your website and gives you specific data of their demographics. You can see traffic source, location, age, gender, and behavior on your site.


Google Search Console: It shows you errors in the technical parts and the performance of your site on Google search results.


Google PageSpeed Insights: It runs a test on your site and estimates the loading time. Then, there are suggestions on how to do your website faster and improve user experience.




If you apply these steps, you will start getting results from local SEO here in Miami. The simplest step is to create a Google My Business listing that will make your dental office visible to many potential patients. Then, you can build and optimize your website for better rankings and traffic. This all takes a lot of work and is only the beginning. Hiring an experienced Miami SEO agency like Rocket SEO can save you a lot of time and ensures that you are going in the right direction without missing any crucial pieces of the puzzle when it comes to online marketing. Contact us and we will be glad to evaluate your Dental Practice free of charge.

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